Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sophie in her 1840 dress

Sophie up in her club house, contemplating life,
or at least how on earth she got up there in that skirt.

These photos uploaded backwards, it seems...
Sophie, just recovering from a spin and twirl session


That's her very special cow she's holding.
There was not too much cooperation in store for me in attempting to get photos of her today. I took some in color, but they came out even worse than these! Her dress is red, her stockings cream with red diamonds, white bloomers with tucks and ruffles at the hem, and her brown velvet maryjanes are trimmed with ruched brown polished cotton and antique buttons.
She was so cute. I just love her.


  1. Oh I love the current pics!! What a cutie!!! I really like the sepia color!! Your dress is amazing!!

  2. Sophie is a living doll!!! Precious pictures!
    Oh and Elmo in the previous post.. OMG, I just about fell over laughing!!!!

  3. Beautiful! Do you draft your own patterns? I've not delved into the 1840's much but I should! I did a fan front for one of our girls, that's my sole claim to fame, lol.

  4. Hi all, thanks so much for your wonderful kind words! Debbie, the bloomers are yours, they have a "Breathing Beside Us" tag right in the waistband! They were too long for Sophie so I handstitched three tucks in them rather than take off the ruffled hem and then re-hem them. I think the tucks are much nicer!

    I did re-draft this from a Truly Victorian girl's 1869 pattern, taking cues from an adult woman's dress pattern from Laughing Moon.

    There's no real way to market these anyhow, much too much handwork going into it to be profitable! The dress is completely handsewn out of 3 yards of fabric.

    Lots of work, but for someone special, it was worth it!

  5. Sophie is adorable, and with the sepia photos she could fit right in on your sidebar of vintage photos!(Beautiful handi-work on her dress too!)

  6. I've had people ask me about selling them also but there's so much hand stitching and the piping etc that I'd want over $100 to do one, not counting fabric. It's worth it for my own girls, but most people won't drop that much money on what they see as a "costume". Most people are happier with sutler row stuff because it's so cheap and how many people know the difference anyway? Just my 2 cents. ;-)


  7. I wish I had a little girl to dress. Hopefully she will be a grandchild some day. Her dressings are unbelievable well done! you are a fantastic seamstress.

  8. I love these photos! Ah... the joys and wonder of being a child. She is a beautiful little girl and your photos are precious.