Sunday, December 26, 2010

Newest Izannah Walker style doll

 Here is my latest Izannah Walker style doll!

 She's 18 inches tall, completely hand made from cloth and paperclay.  I never use molds, and she's hand sculpted using photographs of original Izannah Walker dolls.
 She comes with TWO dresses! Both are completely handsewn in the period correct manner. No shortcuts taken on clothing.  Both dresses are made from early 19th century reproduction cotton, which has been treated to convey an antique patina.

Her blue dress features three growth pleats in the skirt, and short puffed sleeves.
 She comes with complete underpinnings; drawers, petticoat and chemise.  All are removeable.
 She's available for sale through this site.  If you are interested in purchasing her, have any questions or wish to see additional photographs, please email me:  
Thanks so much for taking a peek at her!