Monday, March 15, 2010

Martha and her little itty bitty Izzy

I found online a daguerreotype of a child believed to be Martha Chase holding her own Izannah Walker doll. I was inspired by this image to make my own with her own itty bitty Izzy!
Because I do not have the right to use the image of the dag, I cannot post it here. But it can be seen on the Dolls of Yore Izannah Walker picturetrail. It's adorable! She's got fat little cheeks, sausage curls and pale blue eyes. Her doll is pretty awesome too!
So I thought I'd make my own little version. My Martha has pale eyes too! She's 15 inches tall, and her dolly is 6 inches tall. They're both made of cloth with paperclay heads, handsewn of early 19th century reproduction fabrics.
If you'd like more information on little Martha and her dolly, please visit my ebay listing. They'd really enjoy a new home...preferably one with a nice tea set, because they love little tea parties.