Thursday, August 4, 2011

Whaley House Lambrequin

Well, I finally got my camera chip to talk to my computer!  So I've got a couple of very lousy, out of focus, badly taken photos of that lambrequin I created for the above rather naked original mantel in the Whaley House Museum!

   Eh, it's okay without a lambrequin, but I like it better WITH one!

 Used some of the antique Scalamandre silk drapery created for the dining room of the museum over 50 years ago, along with the guimpe braid and tassels to trim it off.   We found an antique silk embroidered with chenille yarn and beads that was probably intended to be a bell pull that was never finished and used that as the center panel.
Unfortunately, my poor photography does not do it any favors!  But it does pick up the colors in the Brussels carpet and the wallpaper quite nicely!  It really looks nice in the evening when the lighting picks up all the gold in the wallpaper and the fixtures.