Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Izannah redo

Well, I went shopping in my cupboards for some more festive fabric and made my Christmas/Holiday Izannah a little...okay, a LOT happier by sewing a new frock for her.  I must say, her demeanor has miraculously improved.  She just needed a little color, poor thing!  At any rate, I finally got her unmentionables finished too, and she's a very happy camper and has been a dreamboat to live with.  I almost wish I could keep her....almost.  I put her up for adoption this evening on ebay, you can pay her a little visit if you wish!

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Christmas Izannah!

A New Christmas Izannah In The Works!

She's not quite done yet, still working on trimming her unmentionables, which she's angry at me for mentioning.  She's very embarrassed that it's taking me so long to finish her, that I've dilly dallied on finding just the right antique fabrics for her foundation garments (talk about ungrateful).  She found out the hard way that I am a first class procrastinator.  But hey...I've been busy.  Really super busy.  She's new, so she doesn't realize that we're smack dab in the middle of the Holiday Season and... I have things to do. 

Hopefully, I'll get her undies done by Sunday so she can quit giving me the stink eye.  I hate when they do that to me and it just furthers my resolve to sell them right out from under myself.

When she's fully presentable, I'll post more photos that are taken in decent light.  It's a crappy day here today in what used to be sunny San Diego, and I'm a crappy photographer.  Two crappy scenarios equal really crappy pictures.  For instance, you can't tell from these images that her dress is the identical shade as this carefully selected text color.  Perhaps no one's noticed yet, but I do that a lot.   Her dress doesn't look brownish red.  Just brown.  In fact, now that I focus more clearly on this text color, it pretty much just looks brown too.  Hmmm.............I may have been too hasty in my fabric selection.  It's vintage polished cotton and I thought it'd look so fabulously deep, rich and Christmassy.  Might have miscalculated.  Might change my mind on the dress.  Might take me longer to finish her. 

Ho ho well,  it'll just be a surprise then.  By the way, she's the one in the photos that's bigger than the other.  She's my largest Izannah thus far, and at 25 inches she's what we facetiously refer to as a "big boned gal."  Really, she's her petite little sister's nemesis.  She uses her girth to get her way on the shelf and I have found the little one suspiciously face down on the floor on more than one occasion.  I hate to say it, but this one's a bit of a bully.  Don't let her confident smirk fool you.  Notice the concerned countenance on her little sister?  There's a good reason for that.  You can see from her body language how she's leaning away and doesn't want to get too close.  Poor little thing.  She's very sweet so I'll let her live with me longer (I have to because she's on an extended layaway).  The big one's getting kicked out as soon as I can get rid of her.

You can see in the bottom photo that she's calmly plotting her next move against the little one.  And as you can see...the little one is fully aware of this.