Sunday, April 29, 2012

New One of a Kind Izannah Style Art Doll

Here's a peek at my newest Izannah Walker inspired doll, she's available for sale on ebay.  This little gal is 19 inches tall, and she's ready to see the world and bringing along an extra frock!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Izannah Dollies!

Robin's Egg Bleu Art Dolls are one of a kind historically based creations made by Robin Sweeton-Lakin. The inspiration for my dolls is taken from early primitive portraits and by the amazing 19th century doll artist Izannah Walker. I work primarily in cloth with paperclay, an air drying clay form of papier mache. My work is all individually hand sculpted and I avoid the use of molds in my work, so each is truly one of a kind and made by me. The garments which attire my dolls are hand sewn in the period correct manner, and made from authentic 19th century reproduction cotton fabrics. Only fabrics, notions and trims available during the early to mid 19th century are used. I occasionally use vintage or antique fabrics and trims, which are obtained in pieced form or from items too fargone to salvage in their original form. I never cut up a displayable or historically significant garment. I try to be as 'green' as possible in my work; with the exception of paint and varnish, I do not use plastics, styrofoam or polymer in my work. I recycle stained and frayed pieces of antique fabric and the occasional disheveled old dress or petticoat into tinier versions of their original selves to be enjoyed as opposed to rotting in a trunk in some forgotten attic. I have a background in living history, historic preservation, museum work and in sewing period correct garments for museum docents and historic reenactors. I truly love what I do!

New Izannahs!

These little gals are looking for a new loving home!  They're snuggling up together, slippers on, waiting for a story to be read to them.  They prefer "Miss Suzy" by Arnold Lobel if you should happen to have a copy lying about.  One of my personal childhood favorites too!  About a wee squirrel who gets chased out of her tree, winds up living in an antique Victorian doll house in an old attic.  Just their cup of tea!  

 The big girl is 18 inches tall, both made of paperclay head over cloth body, my general standard of course.
Handsewn period correct clothing.

Here's those little "carpet" slippers I made, lined with antique brown glazed cotton.  I wish I had a pair for myself!

 I'm particularly fond of this wee Izzy, I think she's a very determined, spicy lil' gal.

They're up for adoption on ebay so if you're interested in giving them a new home, please pay them a visit! And even if you don't have "Miss Suzy" to read to them, they enjoy Dr. Seuss as well.  Really, anything that rhymes tickles their fancy.