Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little Milla and her 'regency' birthday dress

Precious Milla's First Birthday Party

I tried to make her a Regency style ensemble that would be practical for todays modern woman. She needs to be able to get around that skirt and climb and be able to fall off the sofa with grace and dignity. She just learned to walk this week. She still hasn't crawled.

Receiving a psychic birthday greeting from her sister Sophie's chicken.

And here she is in her birthday crown, not sure about all these people standing around serenading her. She's holding her baby who she rarely lets go of. Milla got a new, slightly bigger baby shortly after this shot, who surprisingly didn't displace the dirty little old baby. Now Millie walks around with a baby in each arm. She doesn't like to let them go, so 'eating it' has become a problem when has no arm to catch herself.
One thing I've noticed about little Millie, is that she prefers to be in the kitchen getting into things, whilst clutching a baby in her arm. She's obsessed with the stove. Is barefoot most of the time. She'll make some old fashioned man very happy one day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where on earth have I been?

Gosh, I haven't done anything here other than spend my morning coffee moments browsing other people's fabulous blogs! I feel rather badly about my apparent laziness. It's actually been a rather busy summer, filled with birthday parties (and homemade dresses) for little girls, family and college reunions as well as trying to get my act together for the Dimensions In Dollmaking show in September.

They don't have enough dolls for the show, so I opened my big mouth and promised them one more doll on top of the promised two I haven't finished yet. They are due this coming Sunday and not a one of them can I call finished.

They are coming along, and I work best under pressure and a last minute deadline. God forbid I actually get something done a week ahead of time so I can relax and enjoy my accomplishment. Nope, I have to finish them and stuff them into a box at the last second and drive them up to Carlsbad and not see them again until they are on display. Which is always a nice surprise, to see them with all the other wonderful dolls. Also a surprise is the fact that they always seem to be missing at least one finger apiece the next time I see them. Not a good surprise, that's for sure.

So out of three entries for this year, the Debbie Reynolds "Kathy" from Singing In The Rain, Anita Goode-Laffe and Emily Dickinson, I wonder which one will suffer the fate of Ada in "The Piano" and have her finger lobbed off. Probably not Emily, for I have taken pains with her to use for the first time a wire skeletal hand armature support. But the other two can pretty much forget about coming through this event unscathed. Poor dears. At least Anita will have a Goode reason for a sour face.

I'm not at a place where I feel comfortable shooting photos of them, probably not till I get ready to pack them up. When I do, this coming weekend, I'll post pictures of the girls. I'll most likely post some photos in the next couple of days of my little Milla's first birthday dress.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad

Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad (with me)

One of our Grandmother's famous 'unbirthday' parties.
One a year is easier than dozens!

Mom, are much loved and so very, very missed. We had a great big, fabulous Birthday Party for you this weekend...I know you were there in spirit. Dad, all your siblings were there, their children and grandchildren too! Amazing to see how everyone's changed and grown. We all have such a good time together! Stacy's cake was a work of art! It truly was a fabulous reunion.

Nothing like a game of "Apples To Apples" to break the ice and get to know long lost cousins! Great to hang out with all of the Arizona crew, being such a far flung family. Hadn't seen some of them since childhood. Great to see Uncle Bob's face watching all his kids together for the first time in so long. The party next year will be even bigger, with karaoke machine, a dance floor and who knows what else. We can't wait, and wish you both had really, really been there.

In Loving Memory:

August 3, 1934-June 18, 1973

August 3, 1937-November 16, 1992
(Our 'Raye Raye')

Mom, if I knew how to upload a song here for you, it would be Andy William's "Try To Remember".

(It's the thought that counts)
Love you Mom and Dad.