Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little Milla and her 'regency' birthday dress

Precious Milla's First Birthday Party

I tried to make her a Regency style ensemble that would be practical for todays modern woman. She needs to be able to get around that skirt and climb and be able to fall off the sofa with grace and dignity. She just learned to walk this week. She still hasn't crawled.

Receiving a psychic birthday greeting from her sister Sophie's chicken.

And here she is in her birthday crown, not sure about all these people standing around serenading her. She's holding her baby who she rarely lets go of. Milla got a new, slightly bigger baby shortly after this shot, who surprisingly didn't displace the dirty little old baby. Now Millie walks around with a baby in each arm. She doesn't like to let them go, so 'eating it' has become a problem when has no arm to catch herself.
One thing I've noticed about little Millie, is that she prefers to be in the kitchen getting into things, whilst clutching a baby in her arm. She's obsessed with the stove. Is barefoot most of the time. She'll make some old fashioned man very happy one day.


  1. She is darling. Her Regency frock is so cute, and I love the pantlettes!

    Happy First Birthday, Milla!

  2. What an adorable dress fit for an even more adorable Milla!

  3. What an adorable outfit! She is beautiful!! I love the fact she loves her little babies so much. What a natural thing for a little girl! It reminds me of myself when I was very small. I was inseperable from my babies! You have quite a sweetheart there!

  4. AHAHAHA!!!TOO FUNNY ,Barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen too??!!!Obviously you're not a feminist!!!!She is a sweetheart!!!

  5. I am a feminist of moderate degree...Milla's sister Sophie will certainly be one. But Milla is an old soul, and will be an old fashioned girl! And I think it's great that these girls are so different and unique!

  6. Whaty a wonderful outfit. I can see her as the subject of a folk painting. With a doll in each arm, of course.

  7. She is precious! I love to see a child with a doll. And this is just about my favorite style of dress!