Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guilty pleasures

My newest eye candy addiction!

Man, being sick on a Saturday is the pits. Got sick early last Sunday evening, thought for SURE that I'd be feeling better by the bloody weekend. Guess this is the flu. So, since my Saturday has been stolen from me by disease carrying toddlers out to destroy the planet, I felt that I needed to spoil myself today.

Started the day with a late breakfast at my favorite Saturday watering hole, Hob Nob Hill. I go every weekend, and if I am too sick and spreading germs, I don't care. Their breakfast is totally worth it. I mean, they spoil you the old fashioned way....if you order an iced tea, they bring you a little plate with a doilie and a chilled ice tea spoon. If you order soup, you get the plate and doilie with a hot spoon. It's like having your grandmother fuss over you. The waitresses all wear their oldie uniforms. They all know you by name...but when you are someone like me who insists on showing up and bothering them every Saturday, they get used to you. They will be on the Food Network (channel 67) this Monday night at 7pm on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I am setting my DVR. If you live in San Diego, you HAVE to try this restaurant, it's been there forever.

Since I am feeling like #$%&, I came home from breakfast and took a nap. Got up at 4pm and sat my fat self down in my pj's for a dose of my newest guilty pleasure, "Cranford"...BBC period production. Hilarious, and eye candy to boot. I love love love the BBC. I love British television, British people, British accents, British history....everything but their food probably. Except the scones. And tea. Had some hot lemon tea with honey to go with my Cranford. Did a little tiny bit of work on my Alice, but she's been a persnickety teenager this last week and doesn't want her 'mother' pestering her. She just wants to be left alone, damn it. Found a chair for her on ebay but some other needy soul feels they also need this same exact chair and is annoyingly driving up my bid.

So I did what I always do, when my dolls get moody and don't want me touching them. I leave them unfinished and start another one just to piss them off. My newest child is one I haven't tried before, she's a little African American girl who I have already named Hope in honor of our new leader. I have her little face pretty much worked out, and her dress fabric is Civil War reproduction white with blue and red print. I think she will be sort of like an Izannah, but not quite. I don't think I could pull off an Izannah. I have a feeling she will be done before I get Alice done. But that's Alice's problem, not mine. I think she forgot I am the queen around here and she should be super nice to me and not cop an attitude if she wants to be completed.

Anyhooos, hopefully I will get a substantial amount of work done on one of these girls I have decided that I will feel better, even if I don't. I am the queen of denial and this has worked pretty well for me so far.


  1. So sorry you feel so punk!!! Loved Cranford!! We are huge BBC fans too!! Rest and relax - A bit of Chamomile tea & at will be gone soon enough!!! LOL "Disease carrying toddlers" - I have a houseful every day!!

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope you share pictures of your new art doll soon (that will surely tick-off Alice!).

  3. Hope you're feeling better today. Robin, Ahh Yes, "Cranford". Loved it! Those gals were timeless! For a different era, but great costumes (and characters), try renting the "House of Elloit" series, more English eyecandy! Becky

  4. Hi Robin!

    Thanks for stopping by and for becoming a follower! I'm so sorry to hear that those 'little disease carrying toddlers out to distroy the planet' got you! (I laughed outloud when I read that description) Hope you're feeling better soon! The BBC and Cranford should certainly help though! I love the BBC and all things British too!

    I absolutely love your work! Gorgeous in every way!

    I also loved reading about your trip to New Orleans! The pics were great! Especially the LaFayette Cemetery! I'm so intrigued by cemeteries!

    Enchated Blessings,

  5. Sorry you weren't feeling well, but "Cranford" is the best medicine! Love it! (shhh, I recorded it on DVD when it was on PBS.)Dame Judy (Matty) has some of the best lines! Happy creating this week when you are up to it.

  6. Hello Robin!

    Found your blog (thanks for following mine!) and I'm already tickled pink. You create historical art dolls!!! I'm dying over here because I've been toying (and researching) with the idea of making one myself. Ever since I saw one on PBS one day, I was hooked. LOL!

    I'm sorry you're sick, though. That stinks.


  7. I love all 3 of the BBC Gaskell adaptations, we just re-watched some of North & South last night! I'm glad to have found your blog, you sew amazing things, I'm always envious of creative people. ;-) Your Sophie is a doll, I agree with what you said about people staring at little girls when they're dressed historically, people are drawn to sweetness and innocence. Sometimes we can hardly keep the old ladies off of the 2 littlest in the store, lol.


  8. Hey Cranford sound like my kind of thing! I haven't seen or even heard of that...must go do a search.

    Sorry you are ill. If it makes you feel any better I had the 24 hour puking thing. Never been so sick in my life. Still recovering so I know how you feel.

    Believe it or not I think you would like the food in Britain. I was pleasantly surprised and I didn't really have a choice since I married a Brit. LOL

    Take care of yourself.