Sunday, January 18, 2009

Resurrecting Alice

Mr. Carroll's Muse

Well, it's a lovely summer-like Sunday morning here in Sunny San Diego where we apparently no longer have a cool 'winter' season. This morning I am working on Alice Liddell, the 'real' Alice in Wonderland. She's been in cold storage for a couple of years now, and she looked pretty unappealing to me when I got her out. As I mentioned earlier, I ripped off her hair, sculpted new 'hair' and have given her some actual shoulders! Her body was unstable and wonky, so I decided this is simply because she is tired and can't stand anymore. She is over 150 years old, after all. No wonder she's unsteady on her feet. So I altered her legs, she can sit now, with legs bent and new 'knees'. But she keeps falling backwards, so I am in the process of giving her some junk in the trunk. This gal needs a booty and bad. Unfortunately, no matter how big it gets, it still isn't letting her sit up quite like I'd like.

Also, I have to start a search for a suitable chair, since she is a lady and doesn't want to sit criss cross applesauce on the floor. I tried Tuesday Morning, which always USED to have lovely miniature upholstered chairs there when I didn't need one. I suppose ebay is my next step. Wish I knew how to make and upholster furniture.

Still trying to work out a color combination for Alice's new clothes. I have some lovely antique silk faille in a gold color from a dress made around 1870. It had turquise blue silk trim, but that's too decimated to use. I have some vintage silk from Japan that my Dad bought for my Mom in nearly the same shade, so that would probably work. Alice has red stockings, but I think she wants something a little more jazzy and whimsical now that she'll be sitting and her ankles will be more noticeable. I am considering thin red and white stripes.

The original doll depicts Alice as an adult, contemplating her that was possibly taken advantage of, one that became public view, and the fantasy created from it. She was holding the pocket watch, to represent the White Rabbit, and to show that time stands still for no man, even famous little girls who must grow up. She wore dark clothing...not mourning clothes exactly, there was some red in them to attach to the many themes of red in the book. She held the original Alice book in her hands (I replicated the appearance of the original first edition), with the grinning Cheshire Cat at her feet, and the Red Queen staring up at her, holding a portrait of Alice taken by Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) as a child...sort of a 'remember who you were...who this man MADE you' sort of thing. They all stood on a chess board, and there were some cards lying at her feet as well. Had to squeeze the Queen of Hearts in there somewhere. Copied early playing cards to do this.

This time, I am trying to make Alice more of a teenager, who isn't quite so serious (but her face still is, because she was a serious girl) with more colorful clothes, sitting down with the book and perhaps the Cheshire Cat in her arms. I might keep the pocket watch in there somewhere, too. Don't know if I'll keep the chess board base or not. But I do want her to be a little more whimsical, and not too dark. I think the Red Queen has to go...I never liked her anyway!

When I get Alice looking like she's getting somewhere, I'll post some pics. For now, just the one I have that exists from the IOLCC show will do. And any ideas would be welcomed!


  1. Your talent is amazing! I can't wait to see how she looks when you are done!! I agree about the red queen - very serious! Have fun!!!! Thanks for following my blog - it's an honor!!

  2. Such fun visiting your beautiful blog. I might add, I adore the name Robin's Egg Bleu, for it is my favorite color and I love the French spelling.

    Your work is gorgeous, what more can I say? Thank you so very much for visiting moi!

    Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!

  3. Wish someone would resurrect me like knees and all! She is lovely and can't wait to see her future enhancements...even though she was breathtaking before!

  4. Wow! over 150 yrs! What an incredible piece!

  5. Can't wait to see the new, yet serious, and studious "teen" Alice! New "bum" and all.

  6. that is so wonderful , Robin !
    hugs, Lone