Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A silly little girl

Sophie's Civil War Cross Dressing Elmo

Made this dress for Sophie, here at age two

It's a little big for her...but does wonders for the Cinderella effect!

She actually thinks this is FUN. I'll allow her to follow this disillusion as long as I can get away with it.

It's been almost a year since these photos were shot of Sophie helping out around the house...oddly, she has developed a sudden aversion to picking up after herself, but she still likes to 'mop' and 'clean' windows. More work for someone else later, but it's totally worth the entertainment.
Today I will try and get some more photos of her in this dress, it should actually fit her by now, and I made her another long sleeved one that is more 1840's-50's. That one's a little close fitting so I need to get photos of her in it because it won't last too long on her.
Still working on my little Hope doll....Alice is now in a box so I don't see her giving me dirty nasty looks from across the room because I dissed her in favor of a new project. Hope has her head on her body, all primed and ready to paint, will try to get photos of her 'naked' before she gets a face and an outfit!
Finally not so sick anymore, but that's only temporary, I'm sure. When you have a green slimy nosed tot climbing all over you all day, you are sure to be reinfected in no time flat.
But, ahhhhh.....they're only little for a short time, and you've gotta enjoy it as much as you can, boogers and all!


  1. LOL - Loved this post!! Hee hee cross dressing Elmo!!! Love the dress - it's darling! Welcome to 3 year olds - "I don't wanna". I've taught preschool for about 23 years now & have a daily house full of boogies - lol!! Gotta love them!! She is a doll!!!

  2. Your sewing abilities are exceptional. Your little girl is beautiful-A special blessing. I had 2 boys and no girls. My boys are grown and have families-my grand kids are 2 boys. Boys run in our family. I am hoping a girl will come someday.

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  4. What a wonderful dress and beautiful little girl! I merely have a dachshund to dress--if I were so inclined--and he doesn't care for that at all!
    I truly enjoy reading your site!