Friday, January 15, 2010

The Young Victoria

I recently attended a showing of the new film "The Young Victoria." Though I LIVE for the proverbial 'bonnet drama', I was apprehensive about seeing this film...I'd heard they added drama that never took place, and I cannot abide that in a historical biographical film. I also was not sure about the casting: Emily Blunt as Victoria seemed a bit of a fanciful stretch. A talented actress, no doubt. But could she pull off the role of one of the most famous women in the history of Brittany?
I have to say, phony dramatic scenes and much too pretty of an actress in the lead role aside, that I did indeed enjoy the film. The costuming was amazing, and I'm thrilled they showed Victoria's slippers. You don't typically see the footware in these romantic era films. I did feel that Ms. Blunt did work hard to capture the essence of the young girl who became queen.
And I enjoyed the fact that Prince Andrew's daughter Beatrice was able to have at least a momentary role in the film about her great great etc etc..grandmother. But when I saw her, for that split second on screen, I noticed something I'd not noticed before;

Princess Beatrice looks a hell of a lot more like Queen Victoria than Emily Blunt ever will. Bless her royal little heart.

I am now curious to see whether or not The Young Beatrice has any acting chops, because I think she'd be fabulous featured as the young queen in a documentary film...are you listening, Fergie?


  1. Oh my....Beatrice does resemble her Queenly ancestor! I would like to see this movie, if nothing else - for the costumes!

  2. I guess it helped that Fergie was the producer, a little nepotism there. I was swooning over Albert's costumes...I want my clothing to fit that well, and oh the finery!

  3. Yes, but at least she only used her daughter for a mere few seconds, and didn't give her an actual 'role'. I do think it was nice that Victoria's progeny could take a little honorary spot in the film, but as a parent, I'd have had both my girls in it.

    I'd like Fergie (or somebody) to do a more documentary film on Victoria and her children. Not a lot of people know that Alexandra of Russia was Victoria's favorite grandchild (it was a blessing for Victoria that she passed on before the murders).

    Her son wanted to marry the real Alice in Wonderland and was forbidden, then he named his daughter after her.

    Edward was a piece of work....I think there's loads of rich material for a Ken Burns Civil War type documentary on Miss Vicky and her brood!

  4. Thanks for the review. I've been debating whether or not to see this having the same qualms you did.