Sunday, January 3, 2010


I've been neglecting to do anything remotely creative this holiday season other than making gifts for other people, and not really anything for 'me'....
Which is probably pretty typical for most people this time of year!
I did sell a couple of doll dresses on ebay a couple of weeks ago, but those were dresses that'd been as usual, lying around in my drawers for some time!

Went to Las Vegas over the Christmas holiday (can you think of a less 'Godly' place to spend Christmas?) And I was bored silly! Not my thing, I suppose. Sort of wasted on someone like me who doesn't drink, smoke, party or gamble. I couldn't wait to get back home and start on a new dolly!

Started on this little one New Years Eve and finished her up today! This is Althea (yes, I'm still on "A" names), she's a little smaller than my other Izannah type babies, about 13.5 inches instead of 16. She's named after a lady who's house I had to clean up after she passed on. Althea lived to be nearly 100, never married, lived alone until she died. She was a career girl, independent, a world traveler, an adventurer, gorgeous... and dressed to the nines. In her home I found fabulous clothing she'd saved from the 1940's, guns, and gold mining equipment. She must have been an extremely interesting woman. She had no family left to speak of, save a brother and his wife who had no interest in any of her personal things, letters, photographs, etc. Just send any cash and jewelry, please. So sad. I hope that while she has no one of her own to remember her, somehow, she knows that I do, and I had a fabulous time getting to know her!


  1. Hi Robin and Happy new Year!!!!
    Althea is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! I think real Althea knew deep down in her heart you cared and would remember her!!!!

  2. Robin,
    There are many Althea and Alfreds out there, Its very sad!!!!! Althea is so lovely!!!!!!!

  3. I really like the name Althea and I love the story of the real Althea. Your Althea is lovely - so much charm.

    Best wishes for a fantastic 2010 Robin!

    P.S. I'm with you on the whole Vegas scene! LOL

  4. Your Izannah is PERFECTION Robin!!!