Sunday, January 17, 2010

Return To Cranford

My favorite group of middling, yet helpful ladies, the women of Cranford will be keeping me fine company this evening as I settle in for a second helping of Return To Cranford! What can I say but yippy skippy! I LOVE this series...well written drama and humor, great characters, fabulous costuming!

Last week left us mourning the loss of the formidable Lady Ludlow...and the return of her absent and incredibly selfish son , Lord Septimus. Which for faithful viewers of Cranford, was actually his introduction. Finally he shows up, just in time to bury mommy and collect his winnings. A more self-centered twit there never was....but wait, there's something awfully familiar about Lord Septimus...

Initially, I couldn't put my finger on it, but gosh darn it, Septimus was really reminding me of someone unpleasant. Where on earth had I seen him before? And then I realized with great horror, he is closely related to another selfish twit...

Mr. Henry Salt. No wonder Veruca's such a witch. It's genetic.
I must admit, I found it pretty amusing that Roy Kinnear, famous father of Veruca Salt, the most spoiled brat in movie history would sire Lord Septimus, the most spoiled brat of BBC bonnet dramas, Rory Kinnear! No wonder Lord Septimus looked so darned familiar. I can almost picture his snotty little pug face muttering to Lady Ludlow .... "I want it NOW, MUMMY". Can't wait for tonights installment!
I want it on NOW!


  1. He let me get this are looking for a poster of Rory in a speedo to tack up on your bedroom wall because you have such a huge crush?

  2. I want a poster of Mr. SALT in a speedo to hang up on my bedroom wall. And a lifetime supply of nuts.

  3. Great review! I can't believe you actually placed him! I would've never guessed....