Monday, February 23, 2009

Selling stuff so I can justify making more messes around here!

Here's a little 11x 14 painting I did based on a Civil War CDV in my collection. I was looking at these the other day, and I thought t'was a shame they weren't in color! Got bored and thought about 'colorizing' one. So I trotted off to Michael's and bought some canvas boards and came home to doodle. I had a lot of fun sitting and painting this weekend. Tried to represent the cdv this image came from and also was sort of going for a slightly 'primitive' look. 'Cept I don't do primitive terribly well. You have to have a real feel for that type of art and I really don't think I've got that ability.
At any rate, I thought I'd list this on Ebay to see if anyone might consider giving it a home. I don't have any wall space, and besides, the gentleman I share my shoebox with wasn't exactly giving me any feedback on this, meaning he's afraid if he gives it a compliment it'll wind up on the walls around here. He's such a chicken.

Since it's Black History Month, and I have to clear out some space around here, and Marie's not having the best time laying in a box shoved in the closet, I thought I'd put her on Ebay too. I am hoping someone will like her enough to give her a good home.

Unfortunately, Hope saw how I have been treating Marie Laveau and the other dolls around here...and she is afraid I am going to put her in a box and stuff her in the closet as well, so she is running away from home with Marie. I think she feels safer doing this with an adult accompanying her. She'd never try it alone. She's a smart girl.
At any rate, I listed these poor girls tonight on Ebay, so if anyone's interested, look up robinseggbleu to see the listings! If I can sell them, I can justify to Dave my need to make another enormous mess around here. He doesn't mind the messes, but I think he's afraid of living surrounded by dolls staring at him. He's a bartender, so you'd think he'd be used to folks sitting around all day staring at him with blank expressions... but I suppose it's just too creepy for him to have this at home as well.


  1. Oh LOL! A man not liking the admiring stares of dolls? Maybe if you sat them on bar stools?
    Your work is beautiful. Love each piece!

  2. hmmmm, I would love to have them staring at me - the dolls and the fabulous painting!

  3. Your dolls are beautiful! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my first doll. I haven't been able to finish her dress because I broke my foot 3 weeks ago and it has totally slowed me down. By the way, My husband feels like Dave. I have been bitten by the Antique Doll Bug and my existing doll collection is starting to get to him.

    Keep up the GREAT WORK!
    Carmen (The Primitive Soul - Blog)

  4. Darn it! I got pipped at the post while I was at the Post Office! I'm obviously way too naive when it comes to this eBay fact, your 'Hope' was the first thing I ever bid on.

    Ah time!

  5. Robin, I left you some blog awards over at my blog! :-)