Monday, February 9, 2009

Elizabeth Gaskill Worthy Weather

"Wives and Daughters"

After a quite emotional and exhausting week, and the depressing rain didn't help (although I am grateful for the rain...especially at night whilst going to sleep), I decided to treat myself last night and tonight with a viewing of Elizabeth Gaskill's "Wives and Daughters". I netflixed this right after seeing "Cranford" which I LOVED. Have to say that Wives and Daughters, while still a treat on a quiet rainy evening, didn't quite measure up to Cranford. It was just....heavier. It took a while to get into it. But by the end of this evening, I was really enjoying it. Not in the same way as I did Cranford. Now I have to go about finding "North and South" to see how that measures up!

I was hoping to take some better photos of my Hope doll, but with all this rain, it's been pretty dark and gloomy around here. Just waiting for that sunny day to come along. So instead of worrying about that, I will spend the rest of this evening watching Antiques Road Show and hitting the sack early...and hopefully the storm outside will cooperate with me and it will rain enough to lull me to sleep! Oh wait....Antiques Road Show is over, and instead it's a show on Abraham Lincoln. Well, I cannot exactly miss that, can I? Think I'll brew a little pot of Queen Victoria tea (my favourite!) and cozy up with Mr. Lincoln.


  1. I love old movies. I will be visiting SD were my son lives in March. In Dec. my husband will be doing a Victorian Christmas concert in Carlsbad at the historic music museum. check calendar.

  2. Ooohhhh...I'd like to go see that! I didn't know they had that there!

  3. Out of the 3 Gaskell adaptations I actually thought Cranford was the worst. I mean, I like it (I really like it) but because they adapted 3 pieces of her literature into 1 movie it doesn't "feel" like the book, which I thought was fabulous. W&D grows on you but N&S is great too.

  4. Wives and Daughters is one that I watch at least once a year, not only for the story, but to view the costumes, and home decor!
    Hope is stunning, I'm so very sorry for your friend's loss, it must have been a very emotional week.