Sunday, March 15, 2009

I've been a bad, bad lazy blogger!

My newest roommate!

Well, I've been super lazy about coming up with something to say for myself, and I have no excuse other than I've been spending all my time looking at other people's fabulous blogs!

I sold my dolls, Hope and Marie Laveau....and sent them on their way to their new homes. Now that I've made some more room in my hovel, I went and spent the money I made from their sale and respent it guessed it, another doll. I am very naughty. But a wonderful Bru Smiler repro came up for sale at a very decent price, and I couldn't resist. She's only 16 inches and the perfect size to sew for. I'll never be able to afford the real thing, so she was a good substitute. And I love her.

I didn't care for her outfit, so I cleaned it up a bit and turned around and listed it for sale, adding some old lace to the hem to jazz it up and a petticoat. I figure I might as well try to offset some of her initial cost. I like color and prints, not a fan of white clothes. Plus I'll just get something on the dress anyway if it stays in my clutches. And now, I'll HAVE to make her something new.

Speaking of making something new, here is my latest little dolly.

I don't know what I'll call her yet. But I was inspired by a doll that Rachael Kinnison (of the Lady's Repository Museum and Diamond K Folk Art) restored from the 1840's, a lovely papier mache. I thought I'd try something reminiscent of a papier mache from the 1840's-50's. This doll is paper clay because I just don't do papier mache.

I am trying to make her look aged, with a crackle finish...hope I don't wreck her by doing that! I never did crackle finishing on anything before, so I can't say I have a clue what I'm doing. Her arms didn't turn out too badly, so I'll probably try to do her face tonight.

Have got a couple of Springtime doll challenges awaiting me at the end of this month, with Rags To Riches Dolls and Coffee With Tea Dolls. So this little gal gets to go towards one of those challenges. Still trying to come up with a fabric for her dress.

I decided that my Theda Bara wanted to get out of her type cast role of Vamp and audition for a sweet Mary Pickford type role, as in a Springtime Doll Challenge. It's a period piece...1830's, So I hacked her up and am now allowing her arms to move around. She was forced to shed her dark vampy sleazy outfit and she's getting a nice, decent 1830 style repro calico a 'la Cranford. She had to lose the goth makeup and she looks like a Lady now. Don't have any photos of her in her current state, but will show some pretty soon. I'll try to be better about posting!


  1. What a gorgeous doll! Congratulations on your recent acquisition!

    I am sooo in awe of the doll you are working on. How do you do it? I can't imagine being talented enough to do that. She has the sweetest face.

  2. Beautiful doll I ran across your blog several times and have always gotten lost in all your post. Beautiful dolls.

    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl...Snatch JOY~

  3. Robin!!!
    The new doll your making is fantastic!
    XO Deb