Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Living" History....

Well gosh, it's certainly been awhile since I've posted anything about anything other than Izannah Walker inspired dollies...least it's been awhile since I posted anything like that on the blog I'm leaving behind. This blog is pretty much lacking everything!

While my little doll languishes on ebay this week, I've been busy not on another doll, but on something I really miss doing.  Playing dress up with myself.

I used to be involved in Living History "light", meaning I wore period clothing for my work as a museum docent for the historic Whaley House Museum in Old Town, San Diego.  And I ventured off to the occasional Civil War reenactments and Victorian Tea here and there.  

But then I stopped working in the museum as a docent, stopped climbing a steep staircase a bazillion times a day, started snacking a LOT more, and poof!  Robin grew out of her corset.  I mean, I REALLY grew out of that corset.  To the point where I was embarrassed to wear period clothing.  So I dropped all that and focused on making period clothing for other people who still fit into their corsets, and making dolls.

Anyhoos, I've spent the last year shedding all those extra pounds and am off in a few minutes to make a new corset, because my old one is enormous on me now!

We've got "Ladies Day" coming up next Saturday in Old Town and I'm a gonna be pressed and dressed and rarin' to go.  I'm taking my two little gals Sophie and Milla with me.  They're 4 and 6 now, and willing victims of "dressing up" for the time being.  

They've got their dresses, stockings, balmoral boots, pantalettes.  But San Diego is unpredictable and this week's been bloody cold and gray.  I can't have ugly sweatshirt jackets ruining the girl's 'impression' so I've been busy whipping up a couple of period appropriate bolero jackets for them.  And petticoats.

Cinderella's always last to get outfitted for the ball, and my dress remains unfinished in favor of getting the kids ready.  Plus, I can't really bother with my dress bodice until I have a corset and that won't be finished till this evening.

Will try to get around to taking photos of my works in progress! And now it's time for sewing and boning and eyelets, oh my!


  1. I can't wait to see pictures Robin!

  2. What fun you will have. I used to do re-enacting and enjoyed dressing up! My daughter was a willing participant and we have many fond memories...please let us enjoy some photos!

  3. Robin,
    thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful thoughts with me on my Bloggie Blog...
    so weird...I have gained a bunch of weight myself this year, but I haven't lost it...not motivated to right now...
    My daughter asked me to please try to be a little more balanced about my moods about creativity, less polarized, reminding me that it would be better for me to press on even when things don't sell, and that my creativity is not dependent upon sales.
    Thats true. ...but its been a long time when I have felt this weight upon me. Never the less forward I go. So sorry about your Ebay experience. Terrible woman.
    Thanks so much for your support. I return it to you and hope you don't give up have so much talent...
    your work is fabulous. Hugs, Robin

  4. Hi Robin~ so glad you enjoyed the blogpost today~ I really like the Greiner you did earlier this year~ meant to comment, but stupid blogger wouldnt let me~ its been HORRIBLE! I spent a good 2+ HOURS yesterday just trying to add a single picture to my blog, and it never did work....its been all wonky ever since they "updated & improoved" I put google chrome web browser on my computer and voi~la~ everything is perfect and zooms right along. You should be able to import your old blog to this one~ (it will give you that option when you say you want to delete it). Have fun with your wee ones :) xoxoxo rachael

  5. Hi Robin,
    You won a copy of A Very Merry Chase from MyLadyWeb in the Indie Author Hop. Please contact me with an email address.