Monday, November 16, 2009

Where have I been?

Well, once again I've been a delinguent blogger. Every once in a while that happens. I get sick, somebody else gets sick, one of my kids does some unimaginably foolish thing, etc......ugh!
At any rate, I have been doing some dollmaking, it's just taken me longer to get anything done lately. Really liking the Izannah Walker dollies, they're somewhat addictive! My wonderful sister notified me that her friends at Stampington Co (Art Doll Quarterly) are premiering a new magazine on Primitives, and she suggested I make a submission.
So, with three weeks before their submission deadline, I started my two dollies. Not sure that they will actually be considered anything near to 'primitive', but hey, I gave it a shot.
So this morning I boxed up my two dollies and drove them up to Laguna Niguel, where I bid my just last night finished dollies farewell for the next few months.
Yep, I'm still doing "A" names for my girls. I tried a bit more crackle on these two girls, hoping it would deem them more 'primitive'. Not sure if it worked. But I like her just the same. Anna's got coral beads, the kind little children typically wore for good luck in the early Victorian era.

Anna's dressed in a Civil War reproduction cotton, fabric I've had laying around in my drawers for the last 5 years. Tried to make a quilt from this, never finished. Glad I saved the remnants, just the right amount for a little dollie.


Like Anna, Amelia is wearing Civil War reproduction cotton and antique lace at the neckline. Both girls are wearing the typical gathered bodice, Amelia's got puffed sleeves instead of the 'angel' or trumpet sleeves that Anna's got.

When I get the girls back, I'll most likely put them up for adoption on Ebay. Not sure when that will be, but I'll make an announcement when that happens.

For now, it's time to make Christmas gifts, so no more dollmaking for a month or so. My little Sophie and Milla will be getting a new historical dress, with a matching one for their respective baby dolls. Well, Milla has a baby doll. Sophie prefers to dress her stuffed cats.
When I get these dresses done, I'll post photos. Gotta love adopted granddaughters...adorable, loving, and they give me an excuse to keep sewing for little girls.


  1. Your dolls are lovely!
    I wish you well.
    God bless,
    d from homehaven

  2. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOu've done IT AGAIN!!!!!! She is freakin fantabulous Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AGHHHHH sorry about the screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful, Robin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Really wonderful work, Stampington would be foolish not to include you. I like the more extreme crackle very much, it is very atmospheric to the stories you conjure with your dolls. There is just one little thing my nit picking eye sees. I would cover the cracks with masking fluid before you rouge the cheeks, then when you peel it off the blush will appear to have cracked with the rest of the face paint, making it even more realistic. Happy Creating!

  4. Thanks William! The cheek issue has been bugging me too. I have never heard of this masking fluid! I will definitely try it. Although, painting in those tiny cracks might send me over the edge!

  5. You make such beautiful dolls!! I'm trying my hand at making a polymer clay doll, but would love to make a doll like this for my daughter to take to reenactments. Or is that a huge no-no (to let a little girl play with one of them)?

    I just wouldn't know where to start.

  6. Hi Robin,
    They are both absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  7. Just fabulous Robin!!! I am positive they will be chosen to be in ANY magazine (and be the stars of at that). Oh and please share pics of the dressed for your lucky little ladies!!! How are they coming along?

  8. These dolls are fantastic right down to their period costume.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the wonderful works that shall be featured in the magazine.