Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ada Lee, another Izannah inspired doll

Here is my newest Izannah Walker inspired doll, Ada Lee. Ada Lee is named after my great grandmother, and actually rather resembles her. That's how she got her name.

Ada Lee and her sister Annabelle

The reason I began to attempt making this style of historical doll was the fabulous Dixie Redmond, of North Dixie Designs (blogspot). I'd always wanted to do this type doll, but didn't feel I could accomplish it until I found her blog "The Izannah Chronicles" (for everything Izannah!) and subsequently, "The Izannah Walker Doll Group". This is a fabulous group of people who all cherish these old dolls, and many have been making their own special versions.

Dixie provides her readers with a free pattern template to get started on your own Izannah style doll, and tons of support and terrific advice! They are just fabulous over there, and if you love historical dolls, please visit these sites. It's such a treat to look over the wonderful dolls all these members are creating. I did eventually tweak the pattern a bit here and there, but it's that little free pattern template that got me started on this journey and I have Dixie to thank!

I did Ada Lee a little differently than my first two, with more crackle finish for a more aged appearance. Her clothing is all handsewn. Her underpinnings are vintage fabrics with vintage crocheted lace. Her dress is Civil War reproduction cotton. She's made of paperclay over cloth, and is one of a kind. She's about 16 inches tall.

Ada Lee in her unmentionables
Ada Lee is available for purchase on ebay (seller username: robinseggbleu) for anyone interested in giving her a home! She likes being with her 'sister' Annabelle, but they will be separated in a day or so and she too will want to set out for parts unknown on a new adventure...


  1. Oh my ~ she is fabulous!!! Just absolutely fabulous!

  2. You amaze me Robin!!! Your Izannahs look like the real deal!!!! And the dresses, omg Gorgeous!

  3. Another beautiful doll! You are talented!

  4. Hi Robin,
    Ada Lee is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! You are indeed very TALENTED!!! I think you should try a Queen Anne some time.
    Its always a pleasure to see what you creating!!! and to read the stories you tell.
    I agree Dixies sites are absolutely WONDERFUL!!! and the information she gives out is just so fabulous!!!

  5. Wow, she is gorgeous and you are amazingly talented!

  6. Oh wow Robin,You are just so very talented.Your Your Izannahs look even better than the real thing..You dressed her to perfection. I Love her!

  7. Hi Robin...NOW I know what an Ada Lee doll is...What a beauty. You are so talented and I love the dresses you give them all.