Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Izannah Doll for sale

My Newest Izannah dolly, ready for summer in a lovely cotton frock of white with delicate purple flowers, made from antique fabric.  Here she is, shown in a museum setting appropriate to her 'time!'  Unfortunately the lovely antique 1860 crib she's enjoying is not included in her worldly possessions and must remain in the museum.  She must find a new place to lay her weary head.

She likes to spend time out of doors, and while in my humble yard noted that my fence appeared to have been whitewashed by Tom Sawyer....her little way of making sure I knew it was lacking in that department.  And I assured her that the lack of whitewash on my fence was deliberate, an aged 'patina' that I was going for by way of neglect.

Like my last few dollies, this gal has come down with "Flora McFlimsy" syndrome and complained that she had nothing to wear, and how cruel it was of me to even think about sending her out into the world with only one dress.  So I let her pick out another one for her journey.  This frock was made from mid 19th century reproduction cotton.