Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I know.....I'm a blog slacker.

In case anyone is curious, I'm still around!  It's been a crazy time for me these last few months.  Lots of family issues, some health issues and working two jobs.   It may not seem like I've been productive based upon the lack of posts but I have been a busy gal.  If only my camera was cooperating with my computer I could show and tell.  For now, I'll just 'tell'.  Not very exciting, I know.  I LOVE blogs with pictures. 

Well, I made that fireplace lambrequin for the Whaley House Museum.  I am extremely happy with it.  Wish I could show it to you, along with some other goodies.  Mrs. Whaley recently received an 1860's sewing machine and I'm anxious to get her some sewing supplies to go with it.  We got Mr. Whaley an antique 'gout stool', which is a bizarre footstool in the shape of a big, fat rolling pin.  It arrived with an unimpressive 50's needlepoint, which was removed in favor of an 1860's Berlinwork piece I was fortunate to come across.  The difference is amazing, and I hope Mr. Whaley's wraith is enjoying sitting in his slipper rocker relieving his poor, downtrodden piggies.  It's a lot of work haunting a house, just because he makes it look easy doesn't mean it is and he's generally very cranky.  Now I have to get working on a smoking cap for him.   We're on a serious budget so if I can make a reasonably foolproof reproduction of something, I'm going to.  Maybe for Christmas if he's real good and doesn't show up in front of me anytime soon.  I don't like surprises.  He has a tendency to stand up on the stair landing staring down at long term docents in a rawther superior manner.  I don't care for people who put on airs.  Especially people made of air.

Revamped a display in the Whaley House General Store this week.  The Whaley's personal items were housed in a make do sort of vintage homemade glass case propped up on scrap wood and casters for the last 50 years.  Not attractive.   So we can finally lose the old case and I designed a display for the 1860's storefront window case we've got.   I'll get some photos of that too pretty soon.  Came out nice I think.

The operators of the Whaley House, the Save Our Heritage Organisation currently operates 4 historic site museums and will acquire another pretty soon.  So they keep me busy.  Got plenty of curatorial work to do in a few of em.  Works in progress every one.  I love it.  I've got canning to do for Whaley House, drapes to make for another house, etc.  Lots of 'busy' work.

My dolls?  Oh yes, that's right, I almost forgot.  I'm supposed to be a doll maker according to my header and the photographs on the left side.   Yikes, haven't made a doll in a loooooong time.   Got one laying around here and another in progress and have abandoned them temporarily.  Gotta say, I've lost my interest in making the Izannah's that I focused on for the last year or so.  I still love them, but realistically....everybody's making them.  Practically can't give them away.  And doing the same thing gets boring for me.  I devoted an alarmingly lengthy time period to making them, something rare for my attention deficiency.

I've got some ideas for some new dolls, still with a historical point of view.  Just haven't got all my ducks in a row.  Did lots of sculpting the last few months in "clay" clay, not paperclay.  Just for practice and keeping my skills in existence.  We'll see.  Hope to have something around for Halloween.  

Soon as I get a new camera I'll get some pictures loaded up here so you can see what I've been up to.  Much more satisfying than just reading about it!  And for those of you who haven't stopped following me due to my inactivity, I thank you!  I log on here about once a week and do a quick stealth drop in on many of the blogs I follow here just to keep up with everyone.  Sometimes I'm able to leave a comment, and there are occasions where I am but a mere ghost.  But I'm still thinking about you all!


  1. I'm glad you're doing well although it sounds BUSY. I look forward to what you will be doing creativity wise and sure wish I could see some of your other Whaley creations. :-)

  2. So glad to hear from you Robin! Wow, your job at the Whaley House must really keep you busy, but it sounds like the kind of job that you can hardly wait to get to each day. And I can see that it still keeps you working creatively. Looking forward to seeing some of your dollies soon!

  3. I'm glad to know that you're still around. Sounds like you have lots of adventures. I can't wait to see what kinds of dolls you'll make next!

  4. Great blog! I will be sure to add it to my Creative Places list on my blog!
    Best Regards,
    Sandra Evertson