Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Well folks, Turkey Time is nearly upon us, and this little gal is going to take full advantage of all that Thanksgiving brings; family, friends, love, delectable delights and yes, that good old overwhelming need children have to speed up Christmas.
 She's stuffed her pretty little face with carbs, specially potatoes, stuffing, corn and bread, bread bread.   Oh yes, let us not forget pumpkin pie.  Slathered with homemade whipped cream.  Being so young, and that she will never grow any larger, she can get away with this.  I am green with envy and living vicariously through her. 
 She's wearing her special 'coral' necklace, which was commonly worn for good luck by Victorian children.  She's also gearing up for the holiday mood by reading her little first edition 'copy' of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.  
Oops...looks like she's overdosed on tryptophan (either that or carbohydrate poisoning) and she's about ready to tip over and pass out.  Smelling salts, anyone?

She is available for adoption this evening on ebay for anyone who'd like to revive her!

Tried to put in my ebay link and it does NOT want to cooperate.  If you're interested in this little gal and take a trip over to ebayland, my user name is: robinseggbleu


  1. How do you keep knocking it out of the park this way? I'm awed. :-)

  2. She is soooo cute! But she looks too serious for a holiday. She must be an older sister, trying to keep the youngens in line. ;-)

  3. She does have the sweetest cherub like cheeks!
    Another beauty!
    Happy Thanksgiving Robin!