Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So sorry to be redundant with my posts, but....

I am not the best photographer, and I took the prior photos of this doll set in the evening. Got a request on ebay that I shoot some more photos of the doll in real light. Can't figure out how to post them on ebay because there's a bid on the doll now and ebay said, "No Robin, you don't get to post additional pictures!"
So, I figured the next best thing is to stick 'em on here in case anyone wants to see the daylight versions. These were taken late afternoon, because well, I work and can't bring dollys with me to take photos of during the middle of the day. They do look a bit different in differing light sources.


  1. Regardless of what light Izzy is photo'd in, I think she is amazing!


  2. Amazing in the daylight, dreamy in the evening...

  3. You know I think your dolls look beautiful in any light :-)

  4. Your doll is amazing in any light!

  5. She is BEAUTIFUL in any light, any time of day or night! You and she are outstanding.


  6. Robin your doll is just breath taking, She is perfect in any light.Your just anazing!
    Hugs Sherrie