Sunday, June 27, 2010

Newest Primitive Izannah Walker style doll

Here is my newest Izannah Walker style doll. She's hand sculpted from paperclay over a cloth body. I never use molds. I went a little grittier this time and aged her a bit more, along with her clothing to give her a more primitive appearance.

She's 16 inches tall, and can sit or stand. She likes to read, and has her own little first edition copy of "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland."

Her little blue gingham handsewn dress has been stained to give it an aged patina.

She's got on nice little underpinnings, which include a pleated lace petticoat and drawstring drawers.

Her little balmoral boots are sculpted onto her feet, and she's wearing her favorite (I mean MY favorite, because all my dolls wear these) handpainted striped stockings. No self-respecting Victorian gal went out without her striped stockings! She comes with her book and a stand, hand painted to copy a carpet/floorcloth depicted in several early American primitive portraits of children. She was created in a smoke and pet free environment.
She's currently listed on ebay, looking for a good home! Please pay her a visit at:


  1. Robin, this is without a doubt my favorite of your IW dolls so far, perfection in the eyes! :)

  2. Hi Robin,
    I love your dolls! I've always wanted to try my hand at making a doll. How did you get started with all this? They're so pretty.

  3. Robin,she is just so wonderful in every way.

  4. Thank you all so much, I truly appreciate it!

  5. Robin, you are a true doll making master. She looks like she is not from this world

  6. Hi Robin,
    She is indeed a MASTERPIECE!!!!!

  7. Robin,

    She is simply wonderful. You gotta luv the striped sockings. I don't wear stockings but I do have numerous pairs of striped socks.
    Great job.